Join Easily Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) 2022

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Join Easily Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) 2022:

Easily Apply for FPSC

Candidates’ age must be between 21-30. Every 31st December estimates the candidate’s age. In case of 1 day up and Down in your age between 21-30, you may not apply for Central Superior Service recruitment


What is FPSC exam in Pakistan?

Federal Public Service Commission Function and Working

Federal Public Service Commission Conduct the FPSC EXAM For the appointment of new Officers for the bureaucracy to serve the whole country and nation. The FPSC provides the civil Jobs and Public jobs Positions with transparence

How much does it cost to submit to FPSC?

The applicants must submit the FPSC Test Fee to their nearest government treasury, any branch of national bank of Pakistan (NBP) or any authorized state of transact business under the FPSC receipt that Account head C02101- Organs of State Exam Fee.

How do I check my FPSC results? result 2022

Candidates are required to download and Print their FPSC Final Result Card here. View online your respective post Result Sitting at home.

What is difference between FPSC and CSS?

Sana FPSC is a government body that conducts the different exams for advising the recruitment and latter promotions And matters related to public officers. CSS, departmental exams for federal run offices, doctors selection for federal Administrated hospital and such numerous exams are conducted by FPSC.

What is the passing marks of FPSC test?

NOTE: It is mandatory for the candidates to score 50% marks (10/20 Marks) in Part-I, i.e. English. If this requirement isn’t Met, the candidate will fail the whole paper, regardless of the score in Part-II.

How do I apply for the FPSC exam?

Download a challan form from the official website of Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). Deposit fee in any branch Of the National bank of Pakistan OR State Bank of Pakistan. All the posts of FPSC require candidates to apply online. Select ‘Apply Online’ on the home page of the FPSC website.

Which is best CSS or PPSC?

If you want to be a bureaucrat, then the best option is CSS, where you can compete to be a part of the country’s most Elite officers group. But if you are a lecturer or a doctor looking for a government job, you should go for the PPSC exam.


Advantages Of A Career In Bureaucracy

A career in bureaucracy gives you a rare opportunity to earn your livelihood and prayers from weak and poor sections of Society who often look up to civil servants to resolve their problems. It is a chance to serve your country and people and Earn a good reputation and leave behind a glowing legacy.

 Benefits Of the Job

Government service holds numerous advantages. It comes with a pension and other benefits like health care, residence, Etc. It is considered a secure job, unlike private jobs, where you are at your employer’s mercy.

Competition For PPSC Exams

PPSC exams competition is somewhat limited because it restricts anyone belonging to any other province other than Punjab. To qualify for any government job in Punjab, you have to clear the PPSC exam.

PPSC Shedule

PPSC holds different sets of examinations multiple times a year for every department. For example, there are separate Tests for selecting Medical Officers in government hospitals and selecting teachers in government colleges.

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Every exam is designed especially for the concerned professionals, and only they are eligible to appear for it. Officials from Other departments cannot appear for exams held for any other department. The exams are very competitive, but the Competition falls way behind the battle for CSS slots.

What is CSS

CSS is very different from PPSC. CSS officers are federal officers, and they report to the federal government. The annual Passing percentage of CSS exams falls below 0.3 percent.

The federal government can depute them to any province if the province requests their services, after which they report To the provincial government. CSS exam is held only to select national bureaucrats for departments like PAS (Pakistan Administrative Service), FSP (Foreign Service of Pakistan), Police Force of Pakistan, Railways, etc.

The Formula For Success

If you have high goals for your career and are ready to work hard for them, you can compete for either CSS or PPSC. You Will get rewarded with success in both streams.







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