Apply for Pak Army through Lady Cadet Course 2022

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Apply For Pak Army through Lady Cadet Course:

Big news for the ladies who want to join Pak Army through Lady Cadet Course, operations are now open to apply for Lady Cadet Course 2022.

Course Offered LCC- 21

Education Needed 16 Times of Education

Applicated Start Date 10 June 2022

Age 28 times as on 1st Nov 2022

What’s Lady Cadet course?

Only Unattached ladies having 14 and 16 times of education in applicable fields from each over Pakistan, Azad Kashmir And Gilgit Baltistan are eligible to apply for Lady Cadet Course 21. The enrollment process will start on 10th June 2022 And it continues till 5th July 2022.

 What’s the payment of BS 14 in Pakistan?

Pay Chart Scale of Cadet Female

  • BPS- 13 14260 32213
  • BPS- 14 15180 33996
  • BPS- 15 16120 35829
  • BPS- 16 18910 43381

Do you get payment in PMA?

128 million will be in hires and allowances of a pimp,” added he. He asserted that a pimp will be permitted to collect a base payment of P14,538, plus P1,800 for food and P400 for clothes if the military pay system is completely enforced.


 Is there any age relaxation for Lady Cadet course?

Minimum Age The GHQ Selection Board may waive the age restriction for female soldiers to join the Pakistani Army up to 35 years of age in the case of better training and experience. Female soldiers must be 28 years old to be commissioned into the Pakistani Army.

How can a girl join army?

 The different routes through which ladies can join the Army are

  1. SSCWNon-Tech. The campaigners with anon-engineering background, Short Service Commission(non-technical) is one route for entry into the fortified forces..
  2. SSCW( NCC).
  3. SSCW( JAG).
  4. SSC Tech.

Does PMA scholars have holiday?

Holiday? Only elderly pimps are given the luxury of going out of the academe for R&R. Junior pimps just spent their Summer within the academe grounds. over a time ago.

 Can a girl join PMA after FSC?

Although girls can join PMA to get military training in PMA and come a part of the Pakistan army, still, FSc Girls can’t Apply For PMA long course. Girls can Join PMA through the Lady pimp course or as GDMO/ Specialist Croakers. As an FSC girl, You can’t join the Pakistan Military academe( PMA).

Can I join Pak army with spectacles?

 Original Medical Test

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Sight –6/6 without spectacles. No egregious physical blights. Do not forget that you would have to wear anything.

While using their phone, pimps are banned from 1) Taking, viewing, or storing unhappy or unauthorized images, or Videotape. action that might be considered importunity, bullying, or violation of sequestration. 3) Allowing others to use Their phones except in an exigency.

How do I come a lady officer in the Army?

Campaigners have to clear a written test administered by the UPSC twice a time in February and September. campaigners Can check the merit list of this test through Sarkari Result.

Can I join Army after BS Botany?

Candidates who receive 55 or more in BA/BSc or fellow, BS, BA/BSc(Hons), and BBA/BPA in addition to 50 in FA/FSc/fellow are qualified for the Graduate Course. However, register yourself by following a procedure if you match the qualifying conditions.

Required Height:

5 bases 2 elevation

Army Nursing Course( AFNS) for Nursing Officer

Gender womanish

Age 17 to 25 times

Marital Status Female Unmarried/ Widow Separated Divorcee without chain

Nation Pakistani National

Height 5 bases 2 elevation(157.5 cm)


Citizens of Pakistan and domicile holders of Azad Kashmir/ Gilgit- Baltistan can apply for PMA Long Course. Only manly Campaigners can apply

Eligibility Criteria

  1. All citizens of Pakistan are eligible to apply for LCC- 21.
  2. Only ladies can apply for LCC jobs.
  3. campaigners must be unattached.
  4. minimal Height needed 5′(152.4 cm)
  5. At least 16 times of education is needed.



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