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Nowadays the most important thing is internet. Due to internet everyone can do their work easily.  From its 1950s origins to the World Wide Web’s explosion in fissionability in the late 1990s and the ‘ dotcom bubble ’.


The origins of the internet are embedded in the USA of the 1950s. The Cold War was at its height and huge pressures Was between North America and the Soviet Union. Both superpowers were in possession of deadly nuclear Munitions, and people lived in fear of long- range surprise attacks. The US realized it demanded a dispatches system That couldn’t be affected by a Soviet nuclear attack.
At this time, computers were large, precious machines simply used by military scientists and university staff.
Elliott/ NRDC 401 Computer MkI,c. 1953.
Science Museum Group Collection More information about Elliott/ NRDC 401 Computer MkI,c. 1953. The Elliott- NRDC 401 was one of the first electronic computers, developed by British electrical company Elliott Sisters in 1952 when machines of this type could gauge 4 meters in length and weigh over a ton.
These machines were important but limited in figures, and experimenters grew decreasingly frustrated they needed Access to the technology, but had to travel great distances to use it.
To break this problem, experimenters started ‘ time- participating ’. This meant that druggies could Contemporaneously pierce a mainframe computer through a series of outstations, although collectively they had only A bit of the computer’s factual power at their command.
The difficulty of using similar systems led colorful scientists, masterminds and organizations to probe the possibility of a large- scale computer network.


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Person constructed the internet. When networking technology was first developed, a number of scientists and Masterminds brought their exploration together to produce the ARPANET. latterly, other formulators ’ creations Paved the way for the web as we know it moment.

• PAUL BARAN( 1926 – 2011)

An mastermind whose work lapped with ARPA’s exploration. In 1959 he joined an American think tank, the RAND Corporation, and was asked to probe how the US Air Force could keep control of its line if a nuclear attack ever Happed. In 1964 Baran proposed a communication network with no central command point. However, all surviving Points would still be suitable to communicate with each other, If one point was destroyed. He called this a Distributed network.

When asked to explain my part in the creation of the internet, I generally use the illustration of a megacity. I helped Vo make the roads — the structure that gets effects from point A to point B.

Vent Cerf, 2007

Formulators of DNS, the ‘ phone book of the internet ’.

• TIM BERNERS- LEE( 1955 –)
Creator of the World Wide Web who developed numerous of the principles we still use moment, similar as HTML, HTTP, URLs and web cyber surfers.
There was no “ Eureka! ” moment. It wasn’t like the fabulous apple falling on Newton’s head to demonstrate the Conception of graveness. contriving the World Wide Web involved my growing realization that there was a power in Arranging ideas in an unconstrained, web like way. And that mindfulness came to me through precisely that kind of Process.

Tim Berners- Lee, Weaving the Web, 1999

Innovator of Mosaic, the first extensively- used web cyber surfer.



President Dwight. Eisenhower formed the Advanced Research Projects Agency( ARPA) in 1958, bringing together Some of the stylish scientific minds in the country. Their end was to help American military technology stay ahead of Its adversaries and help surprises, similar as the launch of the satellite Sputnik 1, passing again. Among ARPA’s Systems was a remit to test the feasibility of a large- scale computer network.


Packet switching ’ is a system of splitting and transferring data. A computer train is effectively broken up into Thousands of small parts called ‘ packets ’ — each generally around 1500 bytes — distributed across a network, and Also reordered back into a single train at their destination. The packet switching system is veritably dependable and Allows data to be transferred securely, indeed over damaged networks; it also uses bandwidth veritably efficiently And does n’t need a single devoted link, like a telephone call does.

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