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Pakistan Single Window PSW Jobs 2022:

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17 July, 2022
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Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan
Pakistan Single Window PSW
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16 August 2022
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What’s Pakistan single window system

PSW( Pakistan Single Window) is a recently launched trade system, which provides an installation to parties involved in Trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents with a single entry point to fulfill all import, import, And conveyance- related nonsupervisory conditions.


Prime Minister Imran Khan is confident that the perpetration of the Pakistan Single Window( PSW) will put millions of Bones.
in periodic savings of Pakistan. Now that we know what’s PSW, then are some crucial features of PSW that will help you understand more its purpose and significance
Integrated Declaration Information will be digitized and it’ll exclude transferring separate operations to customs and Other government departments.
Automated Routing PSW will identify and automatically notify any government agency if their goods bear licenses, Permits, instruments or any other document( LPCOs).
Connected Government and Paperless Processing Back- end processes related tocross-border trade will be automated To insure paperless deals and connected governments. It’ll also simplify and ameliorate government controls to achieve Non-supervisory compliance.

Risk Assessment PSW will incorporate threat assessment for customs as well as other government departments to Insure that the entrustments are named for examination grounded on threat assessment. This will grease genuine trade.
Port Community System PSW will ameliorate effectiveness and translucency as well as enable a real- time weight Shadowing installation.
E-payments The PSW will have an ane-payment system that will exclude the need to visit banks, anchorages and OGAs for Separate payments.
Knowledge Management PSW is a robust trade gate that provides a knowledge-grounded operation system in cross Border trade.

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Some of the benefits of PSW are as follows

Reduced costs.
Reduced time.
Less complicated process.
More compliance.
Cross border trade regulations.
Saving millions of bones
In periodic savings.
PSW will be managed by authority.
Pakistan Single Window( PSW) won’t only boost cross border trade but also enable translucency and live shadowing of Goods and weight. Clearing weight and goods from customs took days but with the launch of PSW, the process will only Take hours.
Before, 74 departments were involved in the attestation process, which will now be done from a single point.


Using the conventional system, it took 216 hours in total to import a vessel in Pakistan. still, a analogous process in India And South Korea takes 85 hours and 7 hours independently. Exporting a vessel in Pakistan takes 113 hours and in India And South Korea, it takes 207 hours and 14 hours independently.
Once the system is officially and successfully enforced, the Web- grounded One Customs( WeBOC) system will be Connected with the banking channels and other institutions of Pakistan to enhance effectiveness and reduce the time Taken for different processes. likewise, it’ll ameliorate Pakistan’s image with respects to ease of doing business and Resultantly attract further foreign direct investment, as stated by the head of FPCCI’s Central Standing Committee on Customs.
In the alternate week of April 2021, the Federal Board of profit( FBR) inaugurated the Pakistan Single Window( PSW) Company, which will streamline the customs processes and exclude the demand of furnishing the same information at Multiple points and departments. As part of the Trade Facilitation Agreement( TFA), it was important to set up a single- Window operation in Pakistan to more grease cross-border trade.

Recent Jobs:

Pakistan Single Window PSW rearmost Government Management jobs and others can be applied till August 16, 2022 or As per ending date in review announcement. Read complete announcement online to know how to apply on rearmost Pakistan Single Window PSW job openings. For further jobs register with us. Pakistan PSW job started from 17 july and Closed from 16 Agust 2022

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