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Information technology is important in our lives because it helps to deal with every day’s dynamic effects. Technology Offers tools to development and change information. Both these effects are the ideal of IT to make tasks easier and to Break numerous problems.

Technology is the operation of scientific knowledge to the practical points of mortal life or, as it’s occasionally stated, to The change and manipulation of the mortal terrain. Types of Technology
• Construction Technology.
• Manufacturing Technology.
• Medical Technology.
• Energy Power Technology.
• Transportation Technology.
• Agriculture And Bio Technology

Details Define types of Technology

1 Construction Technology

Construction technology refers to the collection of innovative tools, ministry, variations, software,etc. used during the Construction phase of a design that enables advancement in field construction styles, includingsemi-automated and Robotic construction outfit.

Exemplifications of Construction Technology

An illustration of construction is the creating and decorating of a new ice cream shoppe in a store that preliminarily was a Shoe store. An illustration of construction is the art of making homes and businesses. An illustration of construction is how A judgment is put together using words. commodity fashioned or cooked totally.

2 Manufacturing Technology

As a general description, manufacturing technology describes the operation of tools and processes — developed through Scientific, artificial and engineering advances to ameliorate the effectiveness, quality and productivity of operations.
What are three exemplifications of manufacturing technology?


• Smart Manufactories. Smart manufactories are surroundings that are largely digitised for manufacturing to take place More efficiently through connected systems..
•Cyber-Physical Systems..
• Additive Manufacturing..
• Big Data..
• Augmented Reality..
• Numerical Control.

3 Medical Technology

Medical Technology can be defined as the technologies that diagnose, treat and/ or ameliorate a person’s health and good, Encompassing both low- and high- threat medical bias – products that can be as varied from lingo depressors, surgical Gloves and medical thermometers to insulin pumps, leaders and in vitro


A medical device can be an instrument, outfit, appliance, software, implant, reagent, material or other papers. From hypes
And wheelchairs to cardiac leaders and medical imaging technologies( similar as MRI, CT andX-ray machines), medical bias Can play a range of places in maintaining and restoring health.

4 Energy Power Technology

The E&P Technologies CoI purpose is to give technologies to enable intelligent power & energy operation to enhance functional effectiveness. Electromechanical Conversion Increase the power viscosity, effectiveness, and robustness of Motors, creators, and selectors while also reducing their life cycle costs.


In power shops, the heat changes water into brume, and the brume operates creators that produce electricity. The Quantum of energy in uranium is astonishingly high. One pound of uranium can produce as important electricity as 3 Million pounds of coal could produce

5 Transportation Technology

Transportation tech is not for transporting people. One of the biggest advancements in transportation technology for the shipping assiduity is last- afar robotics.


7 Top Trends in Transportation Technology
• Smart Bikes. The first bike was erected in 1817..
• Maglev Trains..
•Multi-Directional Elevators..
• Coming- Generation Lithium- Ion Batteries..
• Safer Autonomous Navigation..
• Enhanced Drones..
• Hypersonic Air Travel

6 husbandry And Bio Technology

Agrarian biotechnology is a range of tools, including traditional parentage ways, that alter living organisms, or corridor of Organisms, to make or modify products; ameliorate shops or creatures; or develop microorganisms for specific agrarian Uses.

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include using inheritable engineering to develop pesticide- resistant seeds for soybeans, developing genetically finagled Apples with extended shelf life, and using CRISPR gene editing to produce cows that produce further milk. Learn how Biotechnology is changing the agrarian sector at Fruit farmers Supply

Why the technology is important

Information technology is important in our lives because it helps to deal with every day’s dynamic effects. Technology Offers tools to development and change information. Both these effects are the ideal of IT to make tasks easier and to Break numerous problems.

Advantages of Technology

Table of Contents
• Ease of Access to Information.
• Saves Time.
• Ease of Mobility.
• Better Communication Means.
• Cost effectiveness.
• Innovation In numerous Fields.
• Improved Banking.
• More Learning ways

Disadvantages of Technology

• Increased reliance on technology.
• Frequently large costs involved with using the rearmost technology( especially for small businesses)
• Increased threat of job cuts.
• Closure of high road stores in favour of online business.
• Security threat in relation to data and fraud.

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