Undergraduate Studies Admission Test( USAT) 2022

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The USAT test will likely take place on August 28, 2022, and the deadline for HEC USATT 2022 online enrollment is August 12, 2022. The Higher Education Commission Viz Education Testing Council( ETC) will conduct the Undergraduate Studies Admission Test( USAT) for admission at the undergraduate position in universities operating each over Pakistan. The USAT is based on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) format and includes all recognized engineering, medical, information technology, management, and social sciences fields at the undergraduate entry level. The scholars after qualifying USAT would stand Eligible to all universities like the SAT.

Who Can Apply for

  1. Scholars who have passed the Advanced Secondary School Certificate( HSSC) or original/ Grade 12 education
  2. Scholars who have appeared in the final examination and are awaiting results
  3. Scholars having 12 times/ original education in any discipline

HEC USAT Test Breakup/ Marks Distribution


Number of test particulars( 75 mcqs)
Time allowed 100 twinkles
Verbal logic 35
Quantitative logic 40
Time allowed 40 twinkles
Essay jotting chops 400- 500 words( either in english or urdu) 25
Any score more than or equal to 50 will qualify as a USAT score. The perfect score of 100 is the highest any individual may get on the USAT.
The examination is first proposed on a daily basis inside the major Asian Muslim Republic metropolises to be in charge simultaneously. If more tests are needed, they can still be scheduled. The ETC website is now uploading the monthly examination schedule, and campaigners can enrol themselves online through the enrollment gate.
Universities will continue to advertise their admission program singly. scholars will apply to universities and will submit The USAT ETC score card for addition in the weightage- grounded merit determining formula.

How Apply for USAT

Register for HEC Undergraduate Studies Test

Produce your particular account and fill out the operation form with asked information. Give a word and valid dispatch Address. Download the etc bank challan. Pay the USAT figure which is PKR 1200 and none is refundable.

What’s HEC test

Advanced Education Commission has established Education Testing Council( ETC) under which it’ll hold standardized entry tests from Fall 2017 admissions for public and private universities of Pakistan.

How apply for a HEC TEST

You’ll admit dispatch communication fromeportal@hec.gov.pk to your primary dispatch, and there will be your verification law in the dispatch communication, Enter that law in Verify Dispatch box. Click on Add You’ll see the following screen.

Is USAT Test Necessary

It’s officially blazoned byDr. Niaz Ahmad( VC of the University of Punjab, the University of Sahiwal, and an active party and Director in colorful education conditioning), USAT isn’t obligatory for every program. It’s not obligatory
How do I apply for the 2022 HEC education?
For the Spring/Fall 2022 Session, top-ranked international colleges in developed countries affiliated with HEC will receive literacy awards ( List of Universities). operation Procedure applicants must submit an online operation using the HEC e-Portal (eportal.hec.gov.pk).

Is LAT test date extended

LAT Test Date distance 2022

The HEC generally announces the LAT test date thrice or further in a time. Last LAT test was conducted on 15 May, 2022 And the forthcoming LAT test will be held on August 07, 2022. LAT test enrollment last date is 22 July, 2022.

How to Apply for HEC USAT 2022

For enrollment , please visit the following link http//etc.hec.gov.pk.
In case of any query during the online enrollment , please visitonlinehelp.hec.gov.pk or vithe sit HEC indigenous services For guidance.
Operation Submission comprises of two way profile completion using the” My Profile” section and operation submission Using” Undergraduate Studies Admission Test” links on the menu panel on the left- hand sidebar of the online gate
Only SUBMITTED Operations will be considered for USAT Test and operations in SAVE or Deficient mode won’t be Entertained.
The test figure for Undergraduate Studies Admission Test( USAT) is PKR,200/- per seeker. campaigners will deposit the Figure quantum in Habib Bank Limited Accountno. 174279001334 01. Title of Account Higher Education Commission.
When filling out the Operation form at the ETC online enrollment gate, candidates must upload a paid, carefully reviewed, and correctly stamped challan form from any HBL Branch in order to submit the operation.
The test figure isnon-refundable and non-tTansferable.

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